Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NEGOMBO - 23.9.15

Day 14 Cycling: NAYAKAKANDA,Wattala to NEGOMBO

Ride details (from Garmin): 
Distance: 28.67km; ODOMETER: 868.6km; Moving Time: 1:34; Elapsed Time: 1:45; Avg Speed: 17.8km/hr; Avg Moving Speed: 18.3km/hr; Max Speed:; Total Ascent: 11m; Total Descent: 10m; Max Elevation: 2m; Calories: 832C; Avg Temperature: 36.6 °C; Max Temperature:  42.0 °C

After a breakfast of omelet and chips and a coffee, I was pleased to hit the road on the final leg of my journey - back to the Angel Inn in Negombo (4000Rs a night). There was little traffic which made the score or so of police lurking in the shade at the side of the road at various locations along the way,  presumably to catch errant drivers, seem a little excessive. They typically present with very stern,  official-looking faces but occasionally break into broad smiles when waved at. It always amused me to see them on their motorcycles, one driving with the other sitting upright in the pillion position, as if on a throne.

It was a nice ride along the coast,  past fishing boats and the fish market, and past a number of quite extravagant Christian figures (e.g. Jesus, baby Jesus, Mary, a saint on a horse, etc.) often in glass cases. Elsewhere in the country,  similar glass cases held Buddha figurines, and occasionally the Hindus followed suit with statues of Ganesh or Shiva. It was hot, and I drank a litre of water during the first 20km. 

It was nice to get back here and the room seems almost too luxurious compared to what I've been staying in over the past weeks. The bike box is still here so I'll eventually get around to dismantling the bike and packing it again. Hopefully I won't have too much trouble removing the pedals this time. Overall it's gone well - no punctures (other than the one incurred here on day 1) or mechanical problems,  no accidents or near misses (well, there were probably one or two... the man with a long plastic drainpipe, and one or two trucks gave me a start yesterday). No major physical concerns either, other than some lingering bronchial issues for the first fortnight, some heat rash, and what might be described as a small lesion on the left buttock (boil, I suspect).

Time for some food and a rest I reckon...


Graves, and Jesus, on the coast


Bill Weir said...

Welcome back to Negombo, David! Your route seemed excellent, taking in a variety of the best cultural and scenic places in Sri Lanka.

I'm in Galle within the old Dutch fort, a very well preserved and restored place. Tomorrow I ride north, probably 3 days to Negombo and a few days in Colombo along the way. Then the flight to New Delhi on 30 September.

Best wishes for a great R&R in Negombo and smooth flight home.


david w said...

cheers Bill; good to hear from you. It was quite a good route as it turned out. .. I would have liked to have made it to Galle also but not enough time - I fly out tomorrow evening so I guess my timing worked out well. It was great to have met up with you and I've been following your blog with interest. Similarly, have a good ride back here and enjoy your next journey. ..all the best, David

Anonymous said...

Congrats David, you must be feeling great after those 2very long riding days after Ella.glad he kept your bike box at Angel inn. Must feel like you're staying in a palace compared to some of the rooms you've stayed in. After we left you we went to ude walawa for a safari. Quite a contrast to Ella. We saw herds of wild elephants and even a 2wk old baby with his mother. Continued down the coast to a very quiet place near tangalla. These beaches are beautiful and we've been swimming in the lovely warm Indian ocean. Then onto galle before flying to hk to meet our daughter. That's not for a while yet. Was great to meet you and fun to go for that walk along the train tracks to the waterfall. Even though that train came pretty close!! Take care and safe flight home

david w said...

thanks; similarly good to meet up with both of you and go on that walk along the train tracks. I'm now just whiling away the hours until I leave. Your beach sounds nice. Best wishes and have a great time in Galle - the one place on my itinerary I didn't get to. cheers, David

david w said...
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Simon said...

The end of journey Wow !
Sounds like you will be in peak condition for a little round the baying.
See you soon.

david w said...

hopefuly all the hard slog I've put in on the Surly will translate to ATB. Probably better training for the Alpine Classic! Maybe see you on Beach Rd on Sunday...(or maybe I'll just want to rest!)