Sunday, September 06, 2015

Anuradhapura - 6.9.15


Ride details (from Garmin):

Distance: 66.45km; ODOMETER: 169.3km; Moving Time: 3:26; Elapsed Time: 4:16; Avg Speed: 15.6km/hr; Avg Moving Speed: 19.3km/hr; Max Speed:; Total Ascent: 343m; Total Descent: 247m; Max Elevation: 116m; Calories: 2,413 C; Avg Temperature: 36.1 °C; Max Temperature:  41.0 °C

The road today was undulating, often around 2 - 3% but in one spot hit 8%. Road surface was excellent with a shoulder delineated by a white line all the way, and there was relatively little traffic (?Sunday). Because of this,  I was happy to stick to the A12, in defiance of my Garmin which kept on trying to reroute me along a secondary highway. It was hot - in the mid 30's - which was a struggle to adjust to after the Melbourne winter.  I reckon I must have drunk about a gallon of various fluids - water, Fanta, Sprite, etc - and felt buggered by the time I arrived here in the early afternoon.  I elected to stay at the Milano Tourist Rest, as recommended in the guide book. Not especially cheap at 3500 a night but with AC and hot  water, I'm pretty happy (and I really couldn't be fagged - can I use that word? - looking elsewhere). The place seems completely devoid of other guests - it certainly isn't tourist season at present - although they've assured me that they're booked out! I find this hard to believe. It was just great to have a drink & some food - I had the impulse to order a vanilla milkshake and it was the iciest, most divine milkshake I can ever recall having.  I followed this with a so-called Sri Lanka omelette  (as opposed to cheese, Spanish...etc) which was very tasty. I'm resting on my bed at present - part of me is thinking I ought to go for a walk and be a tourist & another part is thinking "rest". It has been a long, hot day. I also have a bit of washing to do, and after a major bit of negotiating at the front desk, managed to get hold of a bucket (perhaps they're an uncommon item here but it took a lot of discussion before they quite understood what I wanted).

... on the way to Anuradhapura

 ... also on the way to Anuradhapura...


Anonymous said...

Hi David
Sounds like the heat is pretty intense.
I wouldn't like that at all.
Still fairly cool here but predicting 20C this coming Saturday.

Your blog is reminding me of my travels in India 30 years ago.
Some things never change.

Have fun and take it easy when you can.
Louise B

david w said...

Thanks Louise. .. I'm still adjusting to the warmth... sitting on my bed on the verge of heading out & exploring the sites/sights of his ancient town. Curiously I feel slightly hesitant..
Sri Lanka so far is reminiscent of India but also different - but I've only seen a small part so far . All the best, David.

Anonymous said...

Hi David
I wonder what the hesitancy is about?
No doubt you will stride out and enjoy yourself.
Any 'Grandad' comments, so far?
Louise B

david w said...

Hesitancy was about feeling low on energy and enthusiasm. No grandad comments yet...on the whole, people are quite low key when seeing me cycle by. For a while it seemed that the only people who showed much curiosity were the very young, the very old, the very poor. ..and the very mad.