Wednesday, October 22, 2008

5 days to go ...

... 5 days before I go & I'm feeling uncommonly jittery & obsessing about minor matters such as ... should I take 4 pairs of undies or 3? I'm pleased that Thai Airways do not insist that I take the bike in a box, although they reckon "... it must be covered by a bag, or something similar" and that "the handle bar must be fixed side ways, tyres deflated & also peddles taken off". I telephoned "Protectabag" at Melbourne airport - they will wrap it in plastic for $35. A daft idea, and of course environmentally unsound, but it will save me a deal of weight & maybe protect the bike a little, and I sort of like the absurdity of it. I thought I'd book a room before leaving and have done so at the Potala Guest house. It must be busy in KTM at present as the first place I tried emailed me back to say they were booked out. The only room left at the Potala GH was "double bed, private facilities" so I took it (US$26 a night - a little more than I was initially planning). Ah, a bed big enough for me and the bike!


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

It is exciting to know that you will go back to India again with your bike.

Have a safe trip!

Mati said...

Hi David,
For some reason I thought you you were leaving early Oct, have a great trip in that mad place, Bhanu

Lucinda said...

Dear David,
Have a great time, take care and remember less is can always buy another pair of undies if you soil the ones you have ! Lucinda PS How about cycling China next (and stay with us in Beijing)

Bill Spawton said...

Hi David,
What a fantastic adventure!
Don't forget to circumambulate a few of those special places you'll come across, three times in a clockwise direction.
For all of us, (and to give your bum a bit of a rest from the saddle)
Stay safe and well
cheers Bill

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Hoping that all is well with you and, of course your bike.



david w said...

thanks for your comments folks! And Bill, I've done a bit of circumambulating!