Friday, October 31, 2008


Friday 31.10.08
I woke with a very sore throat this morning; my hunch is that it is the result of cycling through the traffic yesterday. Today I cycled south of KTM to Patan & had a good look around. It was indeed interesting but I think I may have now completed the 'temple tour' part of my journey. I reckon that tomorrow I should 'hit the road' now that I've been 'blooded' into the traffic here. To be honest, it's a little hair-raising in the traffic here, but it should lighten up a tad as I leave the city. And this is predicated on me actually being able to find my way out of town - really, it's not that easy!

What do things cost? Internet at this hotel is 20 NPR (Nepalese Rupees) per hour (= about 37 cents) & it's reasonably fast. A 'standard breakfast' around town is usually about $2 AUD (eggs, toast, butter, jam, fried potato, fried banana (?), coffee), a litre bottle of water is about 35 cents. Lunch eg dhal & rice, coke, coffee usually runs to about $4. The evening meal, depending where you eat, can cost anything up to maybe $16. So, it's all rather cheap (I've had a few extra expenses, like buying another map of Nepal as I left mine at home!). Temples & most tourist sites also cost to visit eg the Patan/ Durbar Square ticket cost 200 NPR {about $3.60), and entry to the museum was 250 NPR (you can work this one out).


Gary M said...

Good to hear that you arrived safely.Looking forward to your installments.Keep clear of those cows.Happy cycling.

david w said...

thanks Gary; it's the buses & trucks that I have to watch out for