Monday, June 30, 2008

this time, I'm NOT TRAVELLING QANTAS (see below) and I have a new bike - a Surly Long Haul Trucker - which I reckon will be perfect for the job! The Surly has 26" wheels (good for travelling in places like India which retains the Imperial system of measurement), drop-down handlebars which I now prefer to the straight bars, and a steel frame, and is a little lighter than the mountain bike I used for my last trip. No suspension this time, but this shouldn't be a problem.


Oldyonfoldy said...

Hi David,

Enjoyed reading abt yr exciting travels. Fascinating and thks for sharing. I too have a Surly LHT. It proved a superbly comfy bike in my recent ride to Sumatra.

OnF :)

david w said...

thanks ... you have some nice sites there ... I notice you've also cycled Bali which I did a few years ago (no blog on this though). I'm trusting that the Surly will do the job; all reports about it seem pretty positive.

duffy said...

Namaste David - I live in Uttarkashi in the Himalayas - some 15 yrs in India now. Have done many bike trips across India, but was looking at yr proposed KTM_DEL trip & was wondering that- although u must drop out of Nepal at the border coz few roads in W.Nepal, why ride the plains to Delhi via Moradabad, not so exhilarating in my opinion, whereas u cld from the border, travel West along the Terai to Tanakpur & then head North to Pithoragarh and then West again along Northern most roads as far as yr time allows. Then take a train to Delhi. I never rode in 100 km or so radius of Del, too dangerous, too grimey, noisy etc. U cld stay in the hills longer as Oct/Nov is primo weather, then let the train take the strain into Del. Anyway... email if u wish to converse - regards michael duffy.

david w said...

thanks for your suggestion Michael, I'll give it some serious thought (PS no email address for me to contact you on...)

Anoop Rajan said...

Hello David,

nice to see you so enthu about cycling.

Can you tel me the exact date. when u will be in mumbai.

may be me along with my friends can ride along with you for some distance.


david w said...

nice idea Anoop but unfortunately I won't be in Mumbai this trip ... I'll be cycling from Kathmandu to Delhi in November ... maybe next time!

Sowmya said...
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