Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It's been OK here. The Lumbini Development Zone has representatives from all different countries & styles of Buddhism - there's the snazzy Chinese Monastery, acroos the road from the monstrous Korean yet-to-be-completed concrete Temple, and the extravagantly ornate Lotus Stupa built by a German Buddhist group, as well as a number of others from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam & so on. I took the opportunity of sitting a couple of times at the Lumbini Vipassana Centre ("Dhamma Janani") in what's called the Eastern Monastic Zone - the caretaker there was most welcoming when I first fronted up & provided me with some sweet black tea, a tasty bowl of meal (millet?) before showing me to the meditation hall where I sat for an hour. Today I visited the museum, which wasn't much chop - everything in it was either a photograph or a replica - nothing original at all. I'm figuring that I'll maybe head off tomorrow, along the Terai via the Mahendra Highway to ... I don't really know, as I'll be off the Lonely Planet map (EVERYONE here is toting around a copy of the Lonely Planet - it really is amazing how this book virtually guides where tourists go & stay. It is somewhat of a comfort of course, but seems mighty weird just how ubiquitous it is).

A slightly annoying occurrence has been that my laptop, USB drive & even camera card have picked up a virus/trojan/ worm that I just can't get rid of - it's started to gum up the laptop & has even locked me out of various components such as task manager & has changed some of my preferences. The computer is still functional thankfully but I'm not sure how many of my photos I'll be able to save at the end of the trip - one of the camera cards seems inaccessible ....


Mr Felix (aka Pak Peelips) said...


Excellent, mate.. enjoying the narrative. How about a map?
What road did you take to Mugling? Obviously not the road I took (up through Tangkot at the top of the Kathmandu Valley) which was downhill all the I guess I could check out a map myself, and I may well do that.... rather than be the usual internet skipper who wants the writer/cyclist to do ALL the work. :)
Anyway, the trip from Pokhara yo Lumbini sounds sweet.. it's a beautful country to cyclle indeed.
Ok, best of luck, hope the chain holds up.
Felix in China (out on Dec 1)

Anonymous said...

Yes I have heard of all these traditions taking a foot hold there, be interesting to see your photos at a slide night with cubes of cheese and spakling wine. (go figure)!!!

Trip & experiances sound great.
Hope your technology holds up Dave.

Bikkuu Pete

Mr Felix (aka Pak Peelips) said...

Ah, Bikkhu Pete!

Full of wisdom, as usual.... :)

China is a wet dog with fleas, my friend, at least out where I am, and I'm out on Dec 1, down to Malaysia, and then maybe working in Botswana.

Pygmies are good!

(Is it ok to use your blog as a message board, Dave? :)

Anonymous said...

Apa Kabar Pak Peelips

'Botswana' I heard you were heading to Viet Nam Gadzooks "Botswana". My spies tell me everything is corrupt there, But I guess China is kinda corrupt as well.

Malaysia zounds Interesting. HMM.

Take it eay brudder.

Dave, Im enjoying the travelogue a lot, when I have finished being bob the builder Im gonna get me a bike the 1951 French cuiser I have is a bit over the hill.

Thanks for for letting me use your blog.

Bikkhu Pete

david w said...

no, no, you chaps go right ahead ...

and Mr Felix, there is a map: it's at ...I may deviate a little at the end & head north into India rather than head straight to Delhi. Uploading photos is problematic because of my infected USB .. & none of the computers here seem to have antivirus programs to help me clear it/them out ..

Anonymous said...

Dave, Felix here..

Yeah, I see the map, cheers...which is fine, except that some idiot has drawn on it with a big purple felt-tip pen which obscures all the towns, and I guess a lot of people too, esp. at Stealth Bomber level.
Anyway, that is the route I took form KTM to Mugling.. and it was down hill all the way, and orgasmic!
You say nothing about this, Dave! Kenapa? Saya bingung!
Yes, heading north into India sounds good-o, rather than Delhi... to me. Manali is ok, although kinda touristy, but better than fricken Delhi. You can't ride in Delhi.
OK, me, I'm outa China on Dec 1, official, confirmed, stamped and approved, and into KL. See email for details, when I send it. I may even end up working in KL. Stay tuned.
All right, mate, we (Mr Pumpy and Bikkhu Pete and legions of others, no doubt) await your next posting.... can we have some gore, sex, etc. please. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Long time no blog. Everything all right ?


Anonymous said...

nothing for a week!
I hope you're alright and it's only a mild case of Mumbai Motherboard which you'll sort out shortly.
Anticipating further adventures,

Sally W said...

Where are you?
We're all keen to hear from you SOON

Love your sis Salxx