Saturday, November 29, 2008


This place! ... I just noticed a little digital camera tucked in behind the computer ... when I asked the attendant (who earlier insisted I write my FULL address in the internet book and not just Suburb, Country ... and I did tell him to 'nick off' this time) what it was he explained "safety!". When I pursued it he revealed that it's there to photograph or video internet users ... to make sure it's only being used by hotel guests (we pay for it). I must have annoyed him because now he's hassling me for my passport! No more smiles my end. :


Anonymous said...

Hi David
We are looking forward to your return - whenever that may be!?! It has been very quiet around here Wed-Fri without you. Looking forward to hearing all your stories.
Cheers, Louise Bawden

david w said...

thanks Louise. I am of course busting to return & look forward to increasing the noise levels!

cheers, David (see you on Wednesday!)