Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bhadrak - Wed 17th Feb 2010

Day 5 cycling: Chandikhol - Bhadrak
Distance (DST) = 67km; Total Ride Time (TRT) = 3hr 22min; Average Speed (AVS) = 19.8 km/hr; MAX = 32km/hr; cadence = 72rpm. Total Distance (ODO) = 308km

An unremarkable day's riding to Bhadrak where I got directions from a helpful group of policemen to the Blue Vine Hotel. The non-A/C room is Rs350, and has hot water, fan & towel. There are scores of staff - 3 of them took me, my panniers, soap, towel & TV remote control to my room - more staff than guests it appears. Others took care of my bicycle. The road (Highway 5) is pretty good, and subdivided although you still get vehicles coming toward you on both sides of the roadway as there are few gaps from one side of the divided road to the other, so local traffic has little other option. People seem friendly & often passing motorcycles slow right down to keep pace with you & sometimes try & have a chat. Generally OK but it sometimes wears a bit thin if they hang alongside peering blankly at you for ages.
The town here seems OK & this internet cafe, once I found it, is pretty good, charging Rs15 per hour (about 36 cents). There seems to be a shortage of USB inputs in most of the computers I've encountered to date, hence the lack of uploaded photos.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave
sending this from the pub
inaugural meeting of FTUG!
I'll send minutes and terms of reference
terrific Holgate IPA on tap
Seems some lack of consensus here as to whether you're enjoying yourself or not!
Please advise

david w said...

Hi Andy, terrific news to hear that FTUG is happening! Enjoying myself? Yes & no! India is always fascinating, and exasperating at the same time - always a truly ambivalent experience. But it's such an all in, full on experience - not like lazing on the beach in Thailand (which, come to think of it, I might do next time!)